Validate Secure Code


Please scan the barcode or key in the Secure Form's Secure Encrypted Key:

Entered Secure Form's Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is: ZrRnR5aldWMURqUQ

Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is V A L I D !!

Scanned Secure On-Line Form SEK is : ZrRnR5aldWMURqUQ
Vehicle Make & Year : Ford Mustang GT
Date form was filled in : 23mar2014
Vehicle Engine Number : ME994894523-0
Vehicle Chassis Number : MC834783457437
Vehicle Plate Number : MSRTI1
Vehicle Color : Red
Vehicle Owner : Domeng Fernanco 82348 Walis Tambo Makati Metro Man
Dealer : Crown Euro Cars 32467 Buendia Ave Ext Makati Metro

This is a demo of Secure On-Line Forms authentication and display of associated details and actual image per SEK. The quickest way of authenticating a secure form is by scanning the 2D barcode on each form using a 2D barcode scanner hooked up to an Internet-connected PC that in turn is running this web page. 

Clicking the Validate button will either return a VALID message for a registered SEK, an "SEK not entered" message for blank scan, or "Invalid" message for an unregistered SEK.   In the absence of a 2D barcode scanner, manually key in the human readable 16 character SEK then press the Validate button.

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