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Entered Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is: QyY2JkNWM3MzhiZT

Secure Encrypted Key (SEK) is VALID

Asset Security Tag SEK is : QyY2JkNWM3MzhiZT
Equipment serial number is : 123456789
Equipment Security Tag attached to is : Epson WP4540 Color Inkjet Printer
Equipment location is : Main Office Human resources Dept
Security tag counter is : 10890
Security tag date activated on : 2015-09-25 12:01:01pm
Asset status at activation : Reconditioned 6 months warranty
Asset security tag rescanned on : 2017-01-10 01:56:45am
Asset status on rescan : asset working well; soon to be transferred

This is a proposed Asset Security Tag authentication web page. Scanning the 2D barcode on the tag will display either a green Valid message along with key details associated with the tag, OR for a counterfeit security tag, a "Invalid" message and obviously no other details.

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